Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity

Water is one of the main resources we humans heavily rely on our day to day lives. As the saying goes "No Water, No Life" and this may not seem happening at present but it will happen in the future as a result of climate change.

Climate change causes frequent floods and droughts and this is topped up by over-extraction of ground water as a result of increase in population and economic growth of the country. If observed, we can notice that a state is hit by drought and while another state is hit by floods and one would cause water shortage and the other would result in pollution of rivers and lakes there by resulting in serious health problems. 

Humans tend to abuse what they take for granted. As long as we are able to get access to water we wouldn't realize but surely our mistakes would cost our future generations.

One of the measures of Climate Change Mitigation is Rain Water Harvesting Technique. It not only improves access to water but also helps reduce rainfall surface run-off there by preventing floods. Here are few benefits of Rain Water Harvesting:

  • Rain water harvesting helps in access for water in a situation of drought and prevents floods by observing water.
  • Rain water harvesting also helps in food security by substituting the external sources of water for food production
  • Rain water harvesting helps in sustainable flows of rivers even in dry season there by contributes to other major factors
  • Rain water harvesting is one of the key solutions to "Ecological Poverty" 
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