Members & Volunteers

Vridhi Members

V Kashyap Devulapally

Kashyap, being passionate to practice and learn more about sustainability & climate change, had chosen his profession in the same space. He has about 11+ years of extensive experience in recycling and waste management space. At Vridhi, apart from being the co-founder, he leads the organisation from the front ensuring everyone is on the same page during activities and taking tough calls when faced with challenges. As a sustainability lifestyle practitioner and home gardener, he actively promotes it within the organisation and is always open to learning new ways from his peers. 

Ashok Sapuru

Ashok, having pursued his Masters of Professional Accounting and Masters of Commerce, currently works for an energy retailer. Being one of the co-founders of Vridhi Foundation, Ashok has been a crucial cog in each of the activities undertaken by Vridhi. From planning to analyzing information for activities with stakeholders and volunteers, there are many aspects he is actively involved in. Bouncing ideas off one another in the group, to taking suggestions where required, he has always been open to explore new avenues to work towards the objectives of Vridhi Foundation.

Aditya Koppula

Aditya, a Certified Professional Accountant by profession is currently working for an accounting firm. As a co-founder of Vridhi Foundation, he brought in the much required expertise and viewpoints from his field work done during his Master of Social Work days. Getting the right people on board for the activities along with designing the activities was one of the many roles he took charge of. The groundwork before an activity is one of the many things that excites him the most ensuring that he rubs off his passion to others included as well.

Goutami Krishna

Goutami has 10+ years of experience in talent management and recruiting. She currently works with one of the global pioneers in talent recruitment. She has been involved in Vridhi since its inception and is very instrumental in organizing and conducting activities of Vridhi. Her motivational words inspire the young lot who join as volunteers and so do her paintings on climate change which speaks volumes about the impact we’re having on climate change. She is very approachable, committed, coherent and the go to person, when in doubt. She also enjoys growing her own fruits, flowers and some Veggies at home and tries to consume less energy.

Raghu Maram

Raghu has 15+ years of extensive experience in IT/ITES and operations into Banking and financial sectors. A Masters in financial management, MS in Banking and a Cost Accountant by Qualification, he is the Founder and Cofounder for a bunch of Startups in early stages of his career. An integral part of Vridhi since the early days, Raghu has been a crucial member sharing his insights towards activities and the functioning of the NGO. Apart from participating and designing the activities, he encouraged his colleagues and friends to actively participate and increase the reach of the works being done. 

Sandeep Vanama

Sandeep has been running his consulting business since 2010. He has been with Vridhi since its inception and was always at the forefront when mobilising resources and handling activities. A passionate believer in doing things right, he never shies away to speak his mind even if it may not be in line with the majoritarian view. He’s been crucial in all the activities we carried till date and brings the energy that keeps the group on their feet. 

Preethi Reddy

Preethi is currently working as a Senior Data Scientist. In her professional career, she has played multiple roles in the Data Science, Machine Learning areas and worked for various companies including Microsoft, Metlife and AmEx. Having been associated with Vridhi from the very beginning, she holds amazing experiences from all the activities, plantation being her favourite of all. She has brought in exceptional energy to the team by not only participating in the activities that Vridhi Foundation organised but also motivating volunteers for the events. She was always keen to take up responsibilities assigned to her which helped Vridhi in its efforts to carry on the activities in a smooth and efficient manner. 

Key Advisers

Harinath Sunkari

Harinath has more than a decade experience in social work activities at gross root levels on various issues like Education to Underprivileged children etc . He involved and helped Vridhi to kick start its activities so that they can sustain for a long time. He continues to guide and involve in various activities of Vridhi.

Anirudh Koppula

Currently working as a Pre-Sales specialist in Melbourne, working on climate change issues and supporting orphanages have always been close to his heart. He is known for his personality to keep everyone motivated and getting the best out of each one in the organisation. He has been a mentor for Vridhi Foundation since its inception and is not someone to shy away from calling a spade a spade, getting everyone involved to do the right thing. Interpreting and analysing key data while working on activities are his strengths that are looked up to. 

Krishna Mohan Rao Adiraju

Krishna Mohan Rao Adiraju is a professional social worker with Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work. He worked as Mentor and Motivator with Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (2010 – 2013) Australia, organised online workshops on organising campaigns and several face to face workshops in Denmark, Hongkong, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa in partnership with regional ngos. He implemented a youth fellowship Nokia Create to Inspire 2012 to 2013, supported by Oxfam India and HARD Ngo. Krishna Mohan Rao Adiraju is now running a free home for elders who are in need. He is associated with Vridhi Foundation since 2008, through the water Hyderabad project.

Esteemed Volunteers

Our volunteers have been our strength and they are the one without whom, we wouldn't have come this far. People of different age groups coming from different places, volunteers from different NGOs,and like minded people who wanted to make a difference took a step with us and made sure our efforts to make a difference don't go in vain. Every organisation needs a strong workforce and passionate people working towards a common goal and we were privileged to have them on board. The volunteers were not only participating in the events and helping to spread awareness within the community but also brought in different persepectives and views which have benefitted us and the society alike. We have listed a few of our esteemed volunteers who have participated more times than one but we have to acknowledge that there have been many of them who have contributed in our activities and although it is impossible to have everyone's name listed here, we convey our heartfelt thanks to each one of them who have joined in our efforts.