Deer Park Visit

We were honored to have been invited by Sandeep Reddy from KFT (Kids for Tigers)& HYTICOS to visit Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park also known as Vanasthali Deer park at Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad. The visit was on August 17th 2008 and was organized by HYTICOS. The objective of the activity was to make the volunteers understand the basic concepts of environment, wild-life, & also the relation between human beings and wild-life. It was a day on which we not only gained a lot of knowledge about the different species of animals but also experienced its serene beauty. The event was also attended by other NGOs and it gave us the opportunity to share their experiences too. Catching a glimpse of the wildlife after being so busy in our lives brought us back the knowledge we gained about food chain and the interdependence of each one on this planet. We encourage everyone to visit Deer park and other wildlife sanctuaries to experience the joy of getting to know other species and work towards saving it.

Kawal Sanctuary Visit

As children, we were fascinated by wildlife documentaries in Discovery channel and National Geographic channel which made us realize how beautiful this planet is and how as part of the food chain, every being is important. We had the fortune to be invited again by Sandeep Reddy (KFT & HYTICOS) and this time it was to attend the trip to Kawal sanctuary for Tiger census on 31st August 2008. It was an unexplored avenue for us and the findings and information that was shared with us was of great importance and helped us in our approach towards nature. We were advised of how pug marks can be an important tool to get the number of tigers in the sanctuary. There was wealth of knowledge shared with us that just can’t be described in this small section. Some of the information we got to know were, how front pugs are larger than the hind pugs, how tigers have a 5th toe called dew claw placed highly on the front limb only which could be retractable and are part of their weaponry, how to measure the pugmark, how to distinguish between male and female pugmark, front and hind pugmark, and left and right pugmark, how to measure the pace of tiger’s walking and many more things which we gained as part of the tiger census. With HYTICOS efforts, the sanctuary was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2012 and we are proud to have shared their experiences which have enriched us with more knowledge about wildlife.

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